Kaaitheater invites applications for a general and artistic coordinator


Since its foundation in 1977, Kaaitheater has been a stage for dance, theatre, performance, music, and debate, rooted in Brussels but with our sights set on the world. From local to international, from repertoire to experiment, and from small to large venues: artists are offered long-term trajectories at Kaaitheater and the Kaaistudios.

Because we are convinced of the importance of art in society, we explicitly seek to engage with society. In Brussels’ canal district, where we see all the world’s issues in a nutshell, artists imagine and model the city of the future.

Kaaitheater is facing a number of exciting challenges: a new structural policy period and attendant subsidy applications; a substantial transformation and expansion of the infrastructure in an urban zone that is undergoing radical redevelopment; and the future-oriented positioning of the arts centre in a constantly changing arts landscape.

The Kaaitheater team comprises 38 dedicated members who organize approximately 250 events per year and who are committed to collaborating with the general and artistic coordinator to take up this challenge.


1. General policy

  • You are responsible for the development and implementation of a challenging and inspiring vision for the future of Kaaitheater, as well as a related strategic policy that is supported by the team and the Board of Directors.
  • You translate this vision and strategy into plans and concrete objectives for Kaaitheater’s operations, with a focus on optimal management and sustainability.
  • You guide the teams throughout the implementation and execution of these plans, as well as in evaluating them and adjusting them where necessary.
  • You ensure that Kaaitheater’s business, infrastructure, artistic and communications policies are seamlessly aligned.

2. Artistic policy

  • You develop an artistic vision for Kaaitheater.
  • You guide the artistic team and contribute to the realization of this vision in Kaaitheater’s programming, taking the budgetary context, available infrastructure, and attention to diversity and audience development into account.
  • You maintain and expand local and (inter)national collaborations.

3. Organizational operations

  • You ensure optimal internal communication and contribute to an open and participative consultation structure, assisted by the team coordinators.
  • You safeguard the optimal functioning of the organization and create a safe space within which the team members’ potential can flourish.
  • You coach the team coordinators and teams.

4. Cooperation and representation

  • You make, attend to, and consolidate contacts with various external relations and diverse stakeholders in Brussels, Flanders and internationally (media, political, artistic, social, financial, etc.).
  • You act as a spokesperson of Kaaitheater.
  • You communicate with and give account to the Board of Directors and General Assembly.


Essential requirements

  • You can translate the DNA of Kaaitheater into a clear and future-oriented vision of its artistic, managerial, and organizational operations.
  • You have a strong affinity with and insight into the artistic field and its stakeholders.
  • You have relevant managerial experience with a focus on optimal management and the effective allocation of funds.

The following elements will be considered as additional assets

  • You have experience with infrastructure works.
  • You have strategic and political insight.
  • You are familiar with the Brussels context.
  • You are available to take up the post in the short-term.
  • You can communicate fluently, both orally and in writing, in Dutch, French and English.


  • A challenging and varied job in which you will contribute concretely and visibly to the development of a dynamic arts centre with an important international reputation.
  • A mandate of 6 years which can be extended.
  • An enthusiastic team of collaborators.


Please submit a letter of motivation that outlines your vision for Kaaitheater, along with your CV, to Eddy Van Gelder, Chair of Kaaitheater vzw, via job@kaaitheater.be before 31 May 2019.
We guarantee discretion with respect to your application.
Interviews will take place in June 2019, with a panel consisting of members of the board of directors, of staff, and external members.
We actively promote equal opportunities and diversity. Your qualities are more important than age, gender, physical ability or ethnic background.