Hans Demeulenaere & Emi Kodama

You make a better door than

You make a better door than
You make a better door than

11.12 – 12.12.2015

With this performance installation, visual artists Hans Demeulenaere (Sint-Lucas, Ghent) and Emi Kodama (HISK, Ghent) invite you to explore the ways your relationships are shaped by the places where you live. Hans is building a set inspired by existing domestic spaces, creating interplay between architecture, design and visual art. Emi will compliment the set, attaching a story that links memories of her former homes. Her cinematic storytelling takes you on a journey through imagery that is both comfortable and alienating.

Together, Hans and Emi invite you to a house transforming throughout the seasons. In each new location, the project takes another form. During Working Title Situation #02, the project is presented as a performance installation.

Concept & scenografie: Hans Demeulenaere
Concept, script & performance: Emi Kodama
Steun: Samyra Moumouh & Lore Tyrion
Coproductie: workspacebrussels (Brussel), Beursschouwburg (Brussel), Extra City (Antwerpen)
Met dank aan: Kaaitheater (Brussel)