Laura Van Dolron [NL]



23.02 – 25.02.2017

Us and them

I imagine there is a terrorist standing right in front of my nose. He is prepared to die for what he believes in. As he fiddles with his suicide belt, he asks me “What do you stand for?” What do WE stand for? It is so self-evident that I am suddenly unable to explain it…

After her successful performance Liefhebben – a moving search for what love exactly is – Laura van Dolron tackles a more complex concept. What do we actually mean when we say ‘we’? Who are we and how do we determine who belongs to this group – and most importantly, who doesn’t? Will we ever manage to recognise that ‘they’ also belong with us? With this new production, Laura lays bare the delight and the danger inherent in our sense of who ‘we’ are. Expect a performance that first confronts and then – in true Dolron fashion – heals.

• As a stand-up philosopher, Laura van Dolron analyses both herself and the audience during frank performances that are brimming with social engagement and self-mockery. Humour and depth follow one another in rapid succession. Last season at Kaaistudios, she performed Sartre zegt sorry, Wat nu nodig is and Liefhebben.

tekst, spel Laura van Dolron | dramaturgie Céline Buren | spelcoach Jantien Koenders, Lizzy Timmers | lichtontwerp Gé Wegman | decorontwerp Sacha Zwiers | techniek Saskia Koenders

Met speciale dank aan Steve Aernouts met wie ik deze voorstelling maakte.