One big kaleidoscope

Whiplash unites BL!NDMAN [sax] + [drums] in a completely new repertoire in which a conceptual approach to musical ‘thinking’ plays a central role. The score is given a plastic presence. The musicians are the actors in a theatrical sound experience. The octet presents a wide acoustic spectrum, but also creates space in the performances using electronic manipulation. Riccardo Nova, Frederick Neyrinck, Mayke Nas, Wim Henderickx and Eric Sleichim each represent one of these principles in their own special way. Lively fireworks are interspersed with microscopic textures, and orthodox playing with custom approaches to performance. The ever-changing arrangement of instruments and musicians gives a constantly transforming listening experience. Words join music, music joins words. The concert hall is one big kaleidoscope.

Eric Sleichim > All About John
Riccardo Nova > Otteto
Mayke Nas >  Behind The Scenes I – West Side Story
Frederik Neyrinck > Gestalt IV 

Mayke Nas > Behind The Scenes II – Groundhog Day
Wim Henderickx > Fireworks

concept & artistic direction Eric Sleichim | repetitor Bart Bouckaert | BL!NDMAN [Sax] Koen Maas, soprano, Roeland Vanhoorne, alto, Piet Rebel, tenor, Raf Minten, baritone | BL!NDMAN [Drums] Ward Deketelaere, Yves Goemaere, Hannes Nieuwlaet, Ruben Cooman, percussion | repetitor Bart Bouckaert | sound engineer Karel Marynissen | lights Lieven De Meyere, Luc Schaltin (Kaaitheater)  | production BL!NDMAN | co-production deSingel, Bozar Music, Concertgebouw Brugge