Carly Wijs & Ryszard Turbiasz / Exiles [Brussels]

What is Thinking?

What is Thinking?
What is Thinking?

29.03 – 30.03.2007

Hannah Arendt’s greatest love affair

1924. Hannah Arendt is 18, Martin Heidegger 35. She is a Jewish philosophy student, he a renowned philosopher and professor putting the final touches to his great work Sein und Zeit. They embark on a relationship that Arendt was later to call ‘the greatest love affair of her life’.

However, in the political climate of the thirties they go in completely different directions: Arendt flees to Paris and New York, while Heidegger remains in Germany to become a leading member of the NSDAP. It was only in 1938 that he withdrew from public life. After a gap of seventeen years, Arendt got in touch with Heidegger again in 1950. They then continued to correspond until her death in 1975.

Ryszard Turbiasz and Carly Wijs play the two characters, whose life stories provide the basis for an exploration of their great shared passion: ‘thinking’. In passages from their works, diary extracts, letters and biographies, they examine this topic from several angles.

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