Tristero & Transquinquennal [BE]

We Want More

We Want More
We Want More

23.04 – 25.04.2015


It's war. Always war. And the war is everywhere. Outside and inside. The attacker is attacked and vice versa. What is at stake is survival, life, a better life, the best life possible. It's war in the cells. Bacteria fight a battle in the stomach. A battle is waged in every wound and in the invasion of microbes that follows...

This intimate war, this incessant and necessary battle, the rush for ‘living space’, the urge always to be the strongest, to overcome, to write and rewrite history for posterity, is everywhere. At micro and macro levels, and without limitation in time or space.

If we are surrounded by an incessant battle, of which war is the theatre the setting? Who are the combatants? What are the weapons and how is a balance achieved between the forces? Does the performance culminate in a victory? A victory for whom? Or is it at best a truce? Tristero and Transquinquennal are expecting you. With an open mind!

from & with Bernard Breuse, Miguel Decleire, Kristien De Proost, Youri Dirkx, Stéphane Olvier, Marie Szersnovicz & Peter Vandenbempt | set design & costumes Marie Szersnovicz | costume realisation Samuel Dronet | light design Luc Schaltin | music design Maarten Van Cauwenberghe | technical support Kevin Sage | production Tristero, Transquinquennal & Kaaitheater | thanks to Thomas Berns, Geerdt Magiels, Mathias Ruelle, Lucas Meister, Valentin Dayan, Théâtre Les Tanneurs, STUK & Campo

with the support of VISITBRUSSELS and the Brussels-Capital Region