Ivana Müller [HR]

We are still watching

We are still watching
We are still watching


When people come together

In Ivana Müller’s work the title always contains the concept of the performance: How Heavy Are My Thoughts, Playing Ensemble Again And Again, 60 Minutes of Opportunism and While We Were Holding It Together. Müller always manages to give shape to the power of language to influence our reality, in a way that is both playful and philosophical.  

As part of our programme on ‘the collective’, we present two productions by Müller – and both on the same evening. The fundamental question they ask is what happens when people come together, how do we relate to and in a group? In the production In common the audience is the observer and in We are still watching it is the participant.

In this production the audience plays a central role: a written script guides the audience through unexpected scenes and situations. By spending an hour together and making only joint decisions, a community is formed and acted out. In this miniature society created over and over again, everyone slowly but surely acquires his own role.

• Ivana Müller studied literature in Zagreb, dance and choreography in Amsterdam and art in Berlin. She lives and works in Amsterdam and Paris. The internationally acclaimed While we were holding it together – staged in September 2007 in the Kaaitheater 30 Shuffle – was a tableau vivant that told many stories in a way that was moving, disturbing and funny all at the same time.

concept & text Ivana Müller in collaboration with Andrea Bozic, David Weber-Krebs & Jonas Rutgeerts | light design & technical direction Martin Kaffarnik | production Mels Kroon | management I’M’Company/ Wilma Kuite -alles voor de kunsten (NL) & Chloé Schmidt (FR) | developed as a part of Encounters project (Frascati, Amsterdam 2012) | support Het Veem Theatre, Amsterdam. | supported by Fonds Podiumkunsten, Amsterdams Fonds voor de Kunst, SNS Reaal Fonds
a House on Fire project; with the support of the culture program of the European Union