Pieter Ampe & Martin Nachbar [BE/DE]

walk+talk 11 & 12

walk+talk 11 & 12
walk+talk 11 & 12


How do dancers and choreographers talk about their work?

In 2008 Philipp Gehmacher invited ten choreographers to talk about their language of movement on a large empty stage in a Viennese theatre. The result was a surprising multiplicity of voices and stories: every solo testified to a unique view of the body, movement and the confrontation with space. Gehmacher has compiled yet another new series for Kaaitheater, comprising existing solos and newly commissioned work. Each evening there are two dancers or choreographers on the programme.

15/3: Pieter Ampe & Martin Nachbar
16/3: Philipp Gehmacher & Anne Juren
17/3: Rémy Héritier & Meg Stuart
18/3: Mette Ingvartsen & Chrysa Parkinson
19/3: Eleanor Bauer & Daniel Linehan

Pieter Ampe graduated from P.A.R.T.S. in 2008 with the duet O feather of lead, created with Simon Mayer. He then made Still difficult duet and Still Standing You with Guilherme Garrido. He has worked as a performer and dancer with Jan Decorte, Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker and others.

Ampe: ‘My routine is to express my thoughts while I’m dancing: my doubts, and also the tasks I impose on myself. By saying them out loud I have to choose one particular thought. That prevents me from endlessly hesitating between an endless number of directions. I hope that speaking my thoughts leads to an exhaustion of doubts and thoughts; my hope is that this train of thought results in a silence in which the most sincere form of movement can emerge.’

Martin Nachbar has danced with Vera Mantero and Meg Stuart, among others. He is not only a dancer and choreographer but also a teacher and writer. For ten years he worked on a reconstruction of Dore Hoyer’s celebrated 1962 work Affectos Humanos, the result of which  is currently touring Europe. He has previously appeared at the Kaaitheater with Repeater – Dance Piece with Father.

walk+talk text collection on www.sarma.be
On the occasion of walk+talk, Sarma (laboratory for criticism, dramaturgy, research and creation) has compiled a selection of essays as well as writings by the invited artists.

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