Vogue workshop, dance battle & party

Vogue workshop, dance battle & party
Vogue workshop, dance battle & party


‘Come on ..Vogue. Let your body move to the music’.

During the 80s, Madonna attracted attention to  ‘Voguing’ with her hit ‘Vogue’ in de jaren ’80. The American choreographer Trajal Harrall went back to  ‘Voguing’ as it originated in Harlem in the early sixties and was practised mainly by African-American and Latino gays, lesbians and transvestites. He links the history of voguing to the history of postmodern dance which was developing simultaneously in another part of New York, at the Judson Church in Greenwich Village.

What, he wondered, would have happened if in 1963 someone from the New York voguing scene in Harlem had come down to the Judson Church in Greenwich Village to perform alongside the early postmodernists?

Alex Mugler (USA/FR) gives a workshop ‘voguing’  from 6 till 9 pm. No dance-experience required. Subscription fee: 5 € | karen.de.cooman@kaaitheater.be

At 11 pm we open the VOGUE PARTY with a DANCE BATTLE.
DJ Aguila (Vicuna) and DJ Jules X (FM Brussel) play some musci. T2 opens a store for the night for those who want to dress up and start the evening ‘en vogue’.

Friday 29 march 2013 @  11 pm Kaaicafé (FREE)