Jakop Ahlbom [NL]




Have you always wanted to know where you ended up if you went into a disappearing cabinet? Vielfalt offers a glimpse into a magician’s inner world. Where nimble-fingered tricks turn out to be less transparent than we imagined. Nothing is what it seems here. Furniture and people, everything and everyone has a double meaning. And you just try to find a way out.

In Vielfalt a man makes a courageous attempt to find his lost love. Is this manipulation or magic? And in whose reality have we actually ended up? Vielfalt is about desire and fantasy, illusion and disillusion. Vielfalt is a story about love and an ode to theatrical fantasy. A remarkable performance without words.

This is Jakop Ahlbom’s fourth play. On the basis of movement, he merges music, acrobatics, dance, illusionism, slapstick and stage setting into a single whole. With fantasy and a sense of drama he creates images that bring a unique film-like atmosphere to the theatre. As if in a surrealist film, the audience is carried along from dance duets to comical acts and from tricks to pure slapstick.

Jakop Ahlbom was born in Sweden and graduated from the Mime course at the Amsterdam College of Arts in 1998. In that same year he was awarded the Top Naeff Prize, an incentive prize for the most promising student. Since then he has made four productions under his own name, the previous three being Stella Maris (2000), Nur zur Erinnerung (2002) and Lost (2004). He has additionally worked in a wide variety of productions by quite diverse companies, including Knuckles by Alex d’Electrique, Eiland by Orkater, and with Karina Holla, Roy Peters, Nieuw West, De Groep van Steen and the Daders.

jeu Jakop Ahlbom, Reinier Schimmel, Kelly Hirina, Irene Slotboom e.a.
mise en scène finale Jeroen van den Berg
décor Daan Ament
costumes Susann Rittermann
décor sonore Wim Conradi