Abke Haring/Toneelhuis [BE]



04.12 – 05.12.2015

Feel or experience the same thing

Following her starring role in Hamlet vs. Hamlet (directed by Guy Cassiers), the actress and dramatist Abke Haring is seeking out silence in her new solo Unisono.

Abke Haring: ‘I’m really looking forward to working on a small scale and alone again. I wonder what effect this will have on me, after a big production like Hamlet vs. Hamlet. I think it will be about loneliness. Unison. Many voices that together form one sound. To me this also means: different people who feel or experience the same thing.’

• Actress Abke Haring stood out in such Toneelhuis productions as Bloed en Rozen and  Hamlet vs Hamlet because of her intense stage presence. For five years now she has been one of Toneelhuis’ full-time theatre-makers. Her productions Linoleum/speed, Hout, Flou and Trainer have previously been shown at the Kaaitheater, and are all striking, intense and brutally honest. 

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