Tine Van Aerschot, Carly Wijs & Tracy Wright [BE/NL/CA]

TTTTg (Triple trooper Trevor trumpet girl)

TTTTg (Triple trooper Trevor trumpet girl)
TTTTg (Triple trooper Trevor trumpet girl)

12.11 – 14.11.2009

In TTTTg (Triple trooper Trevor trumpet girl), Tine Van Aerschot sketches the wonderful, funny, original and slightly melancholy world of one Trevor Wells. He is brought to life by two actresses, the Canadian Tracy Wright and the Dutch Carly Wijs.

In 2006 Tine Van Aerschot wrote I have no thoughts, and this is one of them, a sensitive and powerful monologue for the Forced Entertainment actress, Claire Marshall. In her new performance, TTTTg, a character named Trevor Wells is the central figure. Around Wells revolves an ongoing multimedia project, The Whereabouts of Trevor Wells, a collection of installations, sculptures, visual or literary creations all connected to the same character.

The actresses give Trevor a voice by reading out extracts from his diary. The diary comprises newspaper articles and Trevor’s reflections on them, as well as descriptions of meaningless events, everyday fantasies and fabrications such as a report on a monkey’s heart being transplanted into a child, an elaborate story about Trevor’s cold, an overview of the history of the potato in our part of the world, and an observation on the noise of children playing and singing dipping rhymes outside his window.

Tine Van Aerschot. In the 1980's, Tine Van Aerschot worked for STUK and Klapstuk. She was part of the production staff of Meg Stuart and Dennis O’Connor and worked as dramatist for Christine Desmedt (l’union fait la force fait l’union, de Hemelschutters). From 1999 to 2004, she was the regular graphics designer for Damaged Goods and she has designed brochures, posters and websites for various dance and theatre productions and companies. She worked as photographer for Too Shy to Stare by Davis Freeman and was responsible for the scenography in Private Rooms, a dance performance by Sara Chase. For Simone Aughterlony, she was artistic consultant and graphics designer for Public Property and Performers on Trial, and co-author and consultant for Bare Back Lying. With her continuous multimedia project The Whereabouts of Trevor Wells, she participated in the group exhibition A room of one’s own (de Markten, Brussels, 2006; Kunstlerhaus Betanien, Berlin, 2007). I have no thoughts, and this is one of them, a monologue she wrote and directed for Claire Marshall, premiered in December 2006. Initial tryouts for her project Summerschool, a collection of short lessons in life, took place at Buda (Kortrijk) in May 2008. In November 2008, at the invitation of the Royal Scottish Academy of Music and Drama, she presented a workshop on ‘Meaning of Text in Contemporary Performance’. In April 2009, at the request of APT (Advanced Performance Training, Antwerp), she supervised four students at a workshop on text and dramaturgy.

Tracy Wright lives and works in Toronto (Canada). In the early 1990's she was co-founder of experimental theatre group Augusta Co, where she made Indulgence, Measure for Measure, Drinking, Red Tape, Book of Rejection, 86: An Autopsy and The Lorca Play. With PME, a theatre group from Montreal, she created It’s Easy to Criticize, Unrehearsed Beauty and Families Are Formed Through Copulation. These productions toured Europe, Canada and the US. Wright also worked closely with STO Union for Recent Experiences and Revolutions in Therapy. A recent work with this company is I Cut, You Bleed, in collaboration with Candid Stammer (Toronto, Montreal, Calgary). The best known films in which Tracy Wright appeared are Me and You and Everyone We Know (Miranda July), Last Night (Don McKellar), Blindness (Fernando Mireilles), Monkey Warfare (Reg Harkema), ChildstarSuperstar (Bruce Mculloh’s), The Five Senses (Jeremy Podeswa). She also acted in the Canadian television sitcom Twitch City.

Carly Wijs  was born in Amsterdam in 1966. After finishing her studies at the Maastricht Theatre Academy in 1990, she appeared on the silver screen, on television and in the theatre. She acted among others in the films Vincent & Theo by Robert Altman and DownBaantjer and the American TV series Anne Frank, the Whole Story. She has been active on stage in both the Netherlands and Belgium since 1989. She worked with de Onderneming, tg STAN (Berenice), Toneelhuis, Josse De Pauw and de Roovers. In the Netherlands, she could be seen in work by Het Zuidelijk Toneel, and she collaborated with Guy Cassiers / Ro Theater (Angels in America). Carly Wijs also creates her own productions with Exiles vzw: Niemand kan het (a monologue by Hans Aarsman, 2007) and Wat is Denken (2005).
by Dick Maas. Her television appearances included the popular Dutch police series