03.12 – 10.12.2020

It is spring 2020. Timo is 19. He considers himself a radical ecologist and lives with his mother and his half-brother in a clean house. During an outing to the harbour, the family has a life-changing experience with the crew of a cruise ship. From that moment on, Timo’s life becomes inextricably entwined with that of Daniël Löwenthal, a father of 6, who is active in the foundation for Buchenwald commemorations, and Sinta, a 15-year-old refugee.

TIMO is a podcast in several episodes, written and narrated by Solta, and with sound by saxophonist Mattias De Craene. Episodes (in Dutch) will be posted at You can follow Timo’s story linearly in realistic realism that is recognizable, or you can allow the wild animals to be involved. Because there are wild animals… They have been forcing themselves on us since before humans existed, but we have never heard. They are there.

Are you curious to find out where the wild animals come from? Discover the six cosmi-comic stories about a squirrel with plumbing ambitions, a gorilla from Belgrade, a bride in mourning, and the human measure that blares into your eye.
→ Listen to DE OORSPONGEN ('The Origins', in Dutch)

• Solta is a new name under which author, director and theatre maker Pieter De Buysser now works as an artist. For the joy of acting, but also to keep the beginner’s spirit fresh.

tekst & stem Pieter De Buysser | klank Mattias De Craene |  productie ROBIN, ism Kaaitheater, Dublin Theater Festival, Kanuti Saal, Archa, Frascati