Mette Edvardsen | Leslie Mannès [Brussels]

Time will show (detail) + The way / you move + It could be (try-out) | Copy / Cut / Paste (try-out)

Time will show (detail) + The way / you move + It could be (try-out) | Copy / Cut / Paste (try-out)
Time will show (detail) + The way / you move + It could be (try-out) | Copy / Cut / Paste (try-out)


A glimpse into the creative processes of two Brussels choreographers

In our Performatik series we are interested not only in finished performances, but also in work in progress.

The Brussels-Norwegian Mette Edvardsen is giving three separate performances. In a new version of Time will show (detail), she shows what time means to her and how the logical sequence of cause and effect is sometimes unexpectedly turned back to front. The way/you move plays with manipulations of the performance space: here Edvardsen performs her work in the corridors and on the stairs of the Studios and examines the influence these changes have on her movements on her performance. In It could be you can see the initial stages of her first group piece, which will open in 2007.

Leslie Mannès, from Brussels, studied at PARTS and has in the meantime presented a number of her own creations. In October she performed in Delusive Figures and By-product 3. During Performatik she will favour you with a glimpse of the creative process behind a new piece called Copy/Cut/Paste.

Time will show (detail) (new version 2007)
crée & joué par Mette Edvardsen
soutien Norsk Kulturråd (N) & Fond for Lyd og Bilde (N)

The way / you move (try-out) 
crée par Mette Edvardsen

It could be (working title, try-out)
crée par Mette Edvardsen
production  Helga Duchamps and Mette Edvardsen
remerciements à Kaaitheater, Nadine (Bruxelles), Pact Zollverein (Essen) & Stuk (Leuven)

Copy / Cut / Paste (try-out)
concept Leslie Mannès
performers Leslie Mannès & Hanna Scholtyssek
son Greg Aveau
vidéo Stefan Ellmer