This Is Not A Pop Song (II)

This Is Not A Pop Song (II)
This Is Not A Pop Song (II)


Instruments typical of pop music

Ictus is currently touring Europe with Rosas, performing Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker’s masterly Vortex temporum. In the meantime the ensemble also continues with its own concerts. In February it is a guest in a new edition of This is Not a Pop Song. Five composers were commissioned to write a new work: a piece for the instruments typical of pop music and with the length of a pop song, but which is most definitely not a pop song.


The composers are:

Georges Aperghis: the great master of contemporary music theatre offers a vocal challenge to his favourite Ictus musician: beyond madness.

Michaël Levinas: the French composer, caught up in a never-ending conflict between sublime sound and pure noise.

Eva Reiter: the Austrian composer (and early music specialist) has created an anti-pop song about the financial crisis, which she will be performing herself.

Jean-Luc Fafchamps: the composer and Ictus’ pianist for a long time led a double life as an arranger for pop musicians.

Eleanor Bauer & Chris Peck: the American dancer and choreographer joins forces with her musical sparring partner Chris Peck to revisit the 19th century 'Parlour Song'.



Harry Partch : from Lyrics from Li-Po, for just intonation double bass and voice
The Long-Departed Lover
On the City Street
The Intruder
An Encounter in the Field

Georges Aperghis : Zig Bang (the pop song)*

Chris Peck :  I Want My Brain Back *
Lyrics in collaboration with Eleanor Bauer

Fausto Romitelli : Trash Tv Trance for electric guitar

Alexander Schubert :  Bird Snapper

Jean-Luc Fafchamps :  Disobedience*

Benjamin De La Fuente : Bypass

Eva Reiter :  Konter for double bass flute and tape

Eva Reiter : Stalkers Resolution *
Lyrics from "Rausch" by Falk Richter

* = new songs commissioned by Ictus

Eleanor Bauer, voice | Eva Reiter, voice | Michael Schmid, voice, (double bass) flute | Tom Pauwels, guitars | Pieter Lenaerts, double bass, electric bass | Gerrit Nulens, drums | Dirk Descheemaeker, clarinet, soprano sax | Jean-Luc Plouvier, keyboard | Alexandre Fostier, sound | Bert Vermeulen, light | Wilfried Van Dyck, stage | coproduction Kaaitheater & Bozar

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Eleanor Bauer

Eleanor Bauer
Eleanor Bauer


Kaaitheater artist-in-residence 2013-2016