FC Bergman / Toneelhuis

The Sheep Song

The Sheep Song
The Sheep Song

15.12 – 16.12.2023

A sheep stands up and decides that it no longer is fulfilled. It feels that it has more to give, is destined for a life more glorious than those of its fellow sheep. The road to the ultimate transformation is long, but the sheep perseveres, determined to defy fate, the laws of physics and good taste. A story about identity, wanting to belong somewhere but ultimately failing to do so.   
In this visually stunning performance, you will see FC Bergman at their best. The impressive sets and silent poetry with a dark side take you into a world where everything comes and goes. The Sheep Song is a modern parable about the fear of, and attraction to, change in a human life. The tragedy of man as a fundamentally changing being.   
FC Bergman was founded in 2008 by six young theatre makers. In a short time, they developed their very own theatrical language, which in addition to being idiosyncratic and slightly chaotic, is above all very visual and poetic. They brought 'Van den Vos' (2014) to the Kaaitheatre scene and we presented impressive location projects like 'Terminator Trilogy' (2012), 'The Land of Nod' (2016) and 'JR' (2020, cancelled due to the pandemic).   

"A visually impressive fable about a sheep that wants to become human, but doesn't really belong anywhere." — De Standaard 

"With a premise that is as absurd as it is simple, FC Bergman once again makes shimmering and beautiful theatre. In ‘The Sheep Song, the collective creates without words a bizarre and confusing, but above all beautiful universe."  — De Morgen  

presented by Kaaitheater x PeriferiK

by Stef Aerts, Joé Agemans, Matteo Simoni, Jonas Vermeulen, Thomas Verstraeten, Marie Vinck | with Jonas Vermeulen, Stef Aerts, Joé Agemans, Matteo Simoni, Dries De Win, Yorrith De Bakker, Jan Deboom, Marie Vinck, Gudrun Ghesquière, Thomas Verstraeten, Bart Hollanders | light design Ken Hioco | sound design Senjan Jansen | costume design Joëlle Meerbergen | music & live execution Frederik Leroux / Ruben Machtelinckx | production FC Bergman, Toneelhuis | co-production Holland Festival, Les Théâtres de la Ville de Luxembourg,  Piccolo Teatro di Milano - Teatro d’Europa | with the support of de Tax Shelter van de Belgische Federale Overheid, Casa Kafka Pictures Tax Shelter empowered by Belfius