Tristero [BE]

The Search Project

The Search Project
The Search Project

17.11 – 20.11.2010

The right shoes

Although wishes and desires are sometimes difficult to express in words, everyone still translates them into an actual quest. This quest can last a lifetime (in search of happiness) or a few hours (searching for the right shoes). In this performance – based on found ‘wanted adverts’ – Tristero  attempts to bring this universal quest to light. Wanted ads are found in every country, language and form. Man is truly searching for all sorts of things: friendship and sex, but also work, hobbies, missing animals and so on. A wanted ads page is therefore also an ‘open forum’ in which everyone wants to change their life and have their say. Tristero takes the audience on a fascinating journey through a strange, witty and moving collection of classifieds.
Dutch and French spoken and subtitled in French and Dutch.

Can you help me?
I'm looking for a movie where scorpions are killing a lady, but that’s all I remember. Anyone?

● Over the years, the Brussels collective Tristero has built up a fine repertoire of performances. They have presented pointed comedies and powerful, well-made plays, highly individual adaptations of prose and also attractive movement theatre, as well as mixtures of all these. Moreover, in their ‘serious’ pieces there was always room for laughter. Classic items in their repertoire include Abigail’s Party (2004) by Mike Leigh and the wordless Living (2008). Tristero is artist in residence at Kaaitheater.

met/avec simon andré, tierno barry, lara barsacq, annelore
crollet, youri dirkx, lorenza goos, pierre sartenaer, nele van den
broeck, ans van den eede, hilde wils en/ et nima barry, ewout
demesmaeker, nina hernalsteen, césar vromman, emma vandenbempt, nino
glickman (alternerend/en alternance) | tekst en regie/texte et mise en scène peter vandenbempt | co-regie/co-mise en scène myriam van imschoot | techniek/technique hans meijer, peter fol (kaaitheater) | productie-assistent/assistant à la production pieter de fraene | productie/production Tristero | coproductie/co-production Kaaitheater, Stuk (Leuven) | met dank aan/merci erwin carlier, gerard-jan claes, franz desutter, saar fivez, gaël santisteva, olivia rochette

Tristero est en residence au Kaaitheater.