Rachida Aziz

The Price of the Ticket

The Price of the Ticket
The Price of the Ticket


Brussels as a shelter

Those who flee must leave things behind, just like those who arrive must seize their own place in a foreign society. That is the price that all refugees pay.

Brussels has always been a city that embraced exiles. The Price of the Ticket continues this tradition. Miriam Makeba, Charles Baudelaire, Victor Hugo, Multatuli or the painter Jacques-Louis David all described the capital as a shelter where they could continue to work on their oeuvre. The Fashion designer and activist Rachida Aziz is now inviting a new generation of refugees on stage. Expect an evening of music, dance, poetry and video.

Ramin DBoy – Rap (Afghanistan)
Mohamed Mesbahi – Zang/gitaar (Morroco)
Mou3ad El7eqd – Rap (Morroco)
Kamel Badernah – Muziek (Palestina Nazareth)
Omid – Muziek (Iran)
Gul Pari Jn – Poëzie (Afghanistan)
Reda – Electro Moroccan Base (Morroco)
Hcene & Anis & co – Kabil Muziek en zang (Algeria)

productie Le Space | regie Rachida Aziz & Le Space | met de steun van Kaaitheater, KVS, Globe Aroma | met Ramin DBoy, Mohamed Mesbahi, Mou3ad El7eqd, Kamel Badernah, Omid, Gul Pari Jn, Reda, Hcene & Anis & co