The Making of Berlin

The Making of Berlin
The Making of Berlin


07 July 2016. The creators of BERLIN have just performed their show Zvizdal at the Berliner Festspiele. They meet an elderly but sturdy German man. They get talking and are fascinated by his improbable life. A few conversations and weeks later, they decide to link the last part of their Holocene cycle to him, in which they each focus on a city or village somewhere in the world.

The Making of Berlin is a portrait of a city built around the extraordinary life of a Berliner who worked as an orchestra director with the Berliner Philharmoniker. A man who would love to go back in time to complete an unfinished chapter in his life. BERLIN took it upon itself, with the help of Opera Ballet Vlaanderen's orchestra and radio station Klara, among others, to help the man realise his dream. Gradually, however, they find cracks in his story and the whole project is called into question.

• The work of the BERLIN company always finds itself at the crossroads between documentary and theatre. Armed with cameras, interview techniques, editing tables and actors, they immerse themselves in situations and unravel various

The making of Berlin is een overrompelende en aangrijpende ode aan de kracht van verhalen en hoe die mensen boven zichzelf kunnen uittillen en samenbrengen.’ - Etcetera 

presented by PeriferiK / Westrand, CC De Factorij, CC Strombeek & Kaaitheater

concept & direction BERLIN | text Yves Degryse | with (on stage) Yves Degryse & Rozanne Descheemaeker [horn] | understudies horn Diechje Minne en Bart Cypers | with (in film) Symfonisch Orkest Opera Ballet Vlaanderen olv Alejo Pérez, Yves Degryse, Friedrich Mohr, Martin Wuttke, Chantal Pattyn, Werner Buchholz, Krijn Thijs, Caroline Große, Michael Becker, Claire Hoofwijk, Alejandro Urrutia, Marek Burák, Marvyn Pettina, Alisa Nadezhkina, Farnaz Emamverdi, Jane Seynaeve, Eveline Martens, Jessica Ridderhof, Geert De Vleesschauwer, Sam Loncke, Manu Siebens, Kurt Lannoye, Stefan Lennert & the Opera Ballet Vlaanderen team [Jan Vandenhouwe, Lise Thomas, Eva Knapen & Christophe De Tremerie] | video & editing Geert De Vleesschauwer, Fien Leysen & Yves Degryse | stage editing Maria Feenstra | drone images Yorick Leusink & Solon Lutz | ‘making of’ documentary series Fien Leysen | scenography Manu Siebens| stage design & realisation film Jessica Ridderhof, Klaartje Vermeulen, Ruth Lodder & Ina Peeters | music composition and mix Peter Van Laerhoven | musicians Rozanne Descheemaeker of Diechje Minne/Bart Cypers  [on stage], Symfonisch Orkest Opera Ballet Vlaanderen olv Alejo Pérez [in film] | mixing orchestra Maarten Buyl | sound design & technique Arnold Bastiaanse | sound recording Bas De Caluwé, Maarten Moesen & Bart Vandebril | technical coordination Manu Siebens & Geert De Vleesschauwer | production coordination Jessica Ridderhof | production support Germany Daniela Schwabe & Gordon Schirmer | casting Germany Cornelius Puschke | casting assistance Germany Lisa Homburger | research Wagner Clem Robyns | stage research Annika Serong | photography Koen Broos & Gordon Schirmer | finance Tine Verhaert | finance (until 2021) Kurt Lannoye | administration Jane Seynaeve | distribution Eveline Martens | communication Sam Loncke | production BERLIN | coproduction DE SINGEL [Antwerpen, BE], le CENTQUATRE-PARIS [FR], Opera Ballet Vlaanderen [BE], Voo?uit [Gent, BE], C-TAKT [Limburg, BE], Theaterfestival Boulevard [Den Bosch, NL], Berliner Festspiele [DE] | with the support of de Vlaamse Overheid, Sabam for Culture, Tax Shelter van de  Belgische Federale Overheid via Flanders Tax Shelter | thanks to Linnen Berlin, Xaveriuscollege (Antwerpen), Zaal Billy (Merksem), corso (Berchem), Jill Barnes, Anneleen Selleslach, Max-Philip Aschenbrenner, Carena Schlewitt, Myriam De Clopper, Dirk Rochtus, Anneleen Hermans, Tim Coenen, Mark Reybrouck en Karen Vermeiren