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The Art of Waste

The Art of Waste
The Art of Waste


The realisation that the generosity of the planet earth is gradually coming to an end has still not led to changes in the way we live our lives. Waste and excess seem to be fundamental to modern man’s definition of himself. Knowing that the sustained wastage of materials will inevitably lead to catastrophe, how can we turn our urge to waste in a more immaterial direction? Or else, can the essential change in behaviour also be kept fairly agreeable? And can art, as a form of symbolic waste, play a part in this?


in English | free | please book in advance

Artists, scientists and cultural critics talk about ‘Re-Imagining the Landscape’.
Moderator is critic, dramaturge and curator Jeroen Peeters.

Karim Benammar – Abundance, excess, expenditure: life, nature and art

philosopher and writer (Overvloed, 2005)

According to the French thinker Georges Bataille, we can spend our surplus catastrophically, in war and destruction, or gloriously, in art and eroticism. What are the consequences of a perspective of abundance and surplus, of expenditure instead of hoarding, for our lives, for our relationship to nature and for art and artists today?

Dirk HolemansThe dead end street of liquid engagement: why hip behaviour & high tech won’t save us

editor-in-chief of Oikos, Journal for Social-Ecological Change; former member of parliament and president of the Flemish Green party; policy advisor

Only if we are able to envision other ways of identity development away from consumption, a real green society with less consumption can come into being. Instead of fleeing into the myth of technological salvation, we need to learn again to confront the limits of our being in a fruitful way.

Mel Evans, Vicky De Meyere, Karel Van Acker, Ula Sickle (Open Frames), Maarten Gielen & Lionel Devlieger (Rotor),… will respond to these lectures, departing from a discussion of their own work.

RE-THINKING FOOD #3  | Macrobiotics / Rosas & P.A.R.T.S. Kitchen

in English | €10 | please book in advance

The choreographer Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker has had a macrobiotic kitchen installed at her workplace in Vorst. The country’s only macrobiotic ‘company kitchen’ will be serving a one-off meal at the Kaaistudios.



in English | free | please book in advance

A combination of performances, talks, music and film. The full programme will be announced later, but here is a small selection of the evening’s activities:

Vicky De Meyere - Terra Reversa / On consumption, waste and excess


Kapotski [Ghent]

Their music (and above all their instruments) are sometimes referred to as a musical junkyard. Kapotski makes music by misusing toys and manipulating low-tech electronics and prehistoric kitchen appliances, among other things. 

Platform London / Mel Evans [London] - Freeganism & Dumpster Diving

Freeganism is an anti-consumerist lifestyle. Freegans try to find alternative ways to get things that they would usually have to pay or work for. One of the most famous aspects of the freegan lifestyle is ‘dumpster diving’. Dumpsters are American skips or trash bins. Freegans look in dumpsters for food and other items being thrown away ans then they reclaim them for re-use. This includes food, furniture and other household items.  | in English
Tomoe Yoshihara, Paul Aflalo, Sandro Lombardi [Canada] - Surfing the Waste

A short musical documentary on youngsters in Montreal who find their food, and everything else they need, on the streets. It’s called ‘dumpster living’, and ‘freeganism’ is the lifestyle that developed from it.

Karel Van Acker - Cradle to Cradle

Waste = food!



in English | free

Agnès VardaLes Glaneurs et la Glaneuse

France, 2000, 82 min.

A film about people who glean or gather up what is left behind after a harvest. Agnès Varda interviewed several ‘gleaners’ and tells the story of this activity on the basis of actual examples.