Crew/Eric Joris [BE]

Terra Nova

Terra Nova
Terra Nova

17.02 – 19.02.2012

Crew’s ‘immersive theatre’ penetrates inside the spectator’s body. He or she inhabits the theatrical space, walks around it and gets lost in it.

There are two themes in Terra Nova: the expedition to the South Pole early last century and recent research on the human brain. The directors Eric Joris and Stef De Paepe and writer Peter Verhelst draw a parallel between discoveries about the human mind and the fatal expedition to the South Pole of the explorer Robert Falcon Scott.

Crew takes you to the heart of these two inhospitable worlds by way of impressive choreographic tableaux and a mixture of visual, auditory and sensory impulses.

concept Eric Joris | direction Eric Joris & Stef De Paepe| text Peter Verhelst | French translation Monique Nagielkopf | actors Stef De Paepe, Robby Cleiren, Jorre Vandenbussche | skin slider Woudi Tat | software design Philippe Bekaert, EDM, University Hasselt & Vincent Jacobs | technological direction Vincent Jacobs | assistant to the artistic director Chantalla Pleiter | set design Leo Verlinden | coordinator film production Dieter Lapauw | light design Kim Rens & Laurens de Grande | sound Kreng | assistant technology Koen Goossens | costumes Olivia Mortier | trainee dramaturgy Imre Spoor | production co-ordinator and administrator Vicky Vermoezen | general management Hilde Teuchies | personal assistents
Alex Schuurbiers, Ares d'Angelo, Charlotte Van Wouwe, Christoffel
Hendrickx, Elodie Wattiaux, Francesca Bragagnolo, Julien Lafr^choux,
Kaat Vandevelde, Lich Jaas, Martina Barjacoba, Nicolas Janssens, Shosha
van Kranendonk  | support EDM (Expertise Centre for Digitial
Media) University Hasselt, Vooruit (Ghent), NEXT festival (Eurometropole
Lille-Kortrijk-Tournai + Valenciennes), TAKT Dommelhof (Neerpelt), La
Chartreuse (Villeneuve-les-Avignon), La Gaîté Lyrique (Paris), Les
Colis-Bruits (Paris) | thanks to TRANSFO (Zwevegem), film location | production Crew (Brussels) | support
European Commission (Culture 2007 Program), DICREAM (Ministry of
Culture of France), Province of Limburg, Ministry of Culture of the
Flemish Community | CREW is a member of 2020 3D Media, a research
consortium supported by the European Commission (7FP)

Terra Nova is part of the ‘New Media, Performing Arts and Spectatorship’ project (2011-2012) supported by the European Commission (2007-2013 Culture Programme)