Adrienne Altenhaus & Anat Ben-David [Antwerp/London/New York]

Tearing off a piece

Tearing off a piece
Tearing off a piece

18.02 – 20.02.2009

Fresh and juicy, sexy and funny

The American feminist and writer Valerie Solanas (1936-1988) is best known for having shot Andy Warhol in 1968 (he survived). One might consider her SCUM Manifesto as a man-hating, radical-feminist rant, but in an interview with The Village Voice she herself described it as ‘a literary device’.

Written with passion and wit, this brilliant work is a comment on our society and raises questions on social issues, capitalism, the class system, art, science and much more. ‘It’s all fresh and juicy, sexy and funny,’ say the choreographer and theatre-maker Adrienne Altenhaus and the musician and performance artist Anat Ben-David (of Chicks on Speed). They are having a ball with it, and if you want a piece, come and and tear off a piece!

Each evening there will be a free film before the performance:

18/02/2009, 19:00: Isidore Isou, Traité de bave et d’éternité
1951, 120 min., In French, subtitled in English

In 1945 the Romanian Isidore Isou moved to Paris and there immediately set up the ‘lettriste’ movement. ‘Lettrisme’ went wild with poetry and other art forms so as to create a new idiom. Traité de bave et d’eternité is their cinematographic manifesto. Isou smuggled the film into the programme at the Cannes film festival and thereby caused quite an upset, more so because he considered the film a ‘revolution against the cinema’, with deliberately unsynchronised sound and images and film that was scratched or treated with bleach. Nowadays the film is considered a major pivotal work that inspired both the Nouvelle Vague and American experimental film-makers. They unhesitatingly call him one of the most important film-makers ever.

19/02/2009, 20:00: John Bock, Inside Beyond
2007, 47 min., in German, subtitled in English

The German artist John Bock is internationally renowned for spectacular comic-grotesque performances in which he combines theatre, lectures, video, installation and sculpture in a unique manner. In parallel with these performances, he has also made short, rapidly edited video works which have recently increasingly evolved into longer films with a narrative structure that use actors and sets. Whatever else may be the case, these films remain part of the John Bock world: a colourful, enigmatic and absurd one that evade any rational interpretation. Inside Beyond is a defining example of his later work. Bock describes this film as an eight-part chaotic psychodrama involving two women. Both his performances and his films are set in a highly individual and singular world full of biographical, artistic and scientific references.
With: Jytte-Merle Böhrusen, Anne Tismer, John Bock