Voorraad BRXL Réserve

Taste & Meet

Taste & Meet
Taste & Meet

06.06 – 09.06.2012

It’s the latest trend: producing food in the middle of the city. From allotments and urban bees to vertical farming and edible roofs, there’s no lack of initiatives.

The reasons vary, but they are all pressing: the enhancement of social cohesion, reducing food miles, education on where food comes from, climate change and the preservation of greenery in cities. At a time when 50% of the world’s population lives in urban areas, we should not underestimate how much this ‘urban agriculture’ can contribute to making the city more livable and sustainable.

The aim of Voorraad BRXL Réserve is to demonstrate that urban farming in Brussels is alive and has potential. This project brings together several existing initiatives. Each day one of them will introduce itself and offer products to taste.

Tuesday 5/6
Le Début des Haricots + Cascoland: opening reception Burning Ice

Wednesday 6/6
Le Début des Haricots: Wild plants
(presentation of the results of a workshop with Anja Van Geert*)

Thursday 7/6
Le Début des Haricots (Maarten Roels & Cyrille Claeys Bouuaert): Lacto-fermentation

Friday 8/6
Simon & Cyrille Claeys Bouuaert: Perpetuum compostae

Saturday 9/6
Annemie Maes/Okno - City beehives & honey

On Saturday afternoon Maarten Roels (Ghent University) will give a guided bus tour of several town gardens and urban farms.

* Workshop: Wild Food Walk
Did you ever EAT the weeds, instead of just pulling them out of the
ground while gardening? Every single one of the world's vegetables that
can be found on the market was once a wild plant. There are many reasons
why learning to look for wild  food is an adventure worthwhile: it's
fun, it's free, it's a discovery of new delicious tastes, you'll be able
to survive when it's necessary and you can impress your friends with
wild food dinners!

We'll discover some of the many possibilities of urban wildcrafting.
We'll go on a plant walk and collect edible plants that most people
would consider 'weeds', such as nettles and dandelions. Together, we'll
prepare some simple dishes and share our new knowlegde and wild food
during a Taste & Meet.

13h: meeting in front of Kaaitheater for a wild food walk on the terrains of Tour & Taxi, we'll be back by 15h
15h-18h: cooking workshop, we'll make things to eat and drink using wild plants, in the backstage kitchen of Kaaitheater
18h: Taste & Meet
The workshop is free, please book at tickets@kaaitheater.be

in association with Le Début des Haricots, Centre d'écologie urbaine, Okno