SYMPOSIUM: Rituals in Artistic Practice

SYMPOSIUM: Rituals in Artistic Practice
SYMPOSIUM: Rituals in Artistic Practice


For many performing artists, rituals are an essential part of their practice. They integrate them into bodily routines, or use them as tools to organize daily life, work rhythms, creation processes, or the moment of a performance. In light of RE:RITE, we invited an array of artists and researchers to reflect on their usage of ritualistic elements during a day full of talks, interactive sharings, and… celebrations.

you decide yourself which parts to attend

12:00 > 14:00 
• screening The Embrace of the Serpent (2015)

14:00 > 16:30

• performance see sea zie zee > Dounia Mahammed & Jan-Baptist Van Damme
• introduction to RE:RITE > Katleen Van Langendonck
• lecture performance Winter:Sleep – the new black > Valentine Kempynck
• silent meditation > The Monastery
• panel talk with artists Dounia Mahammed, Jan-Baptist Van Damme, Dolores Bouckaert, Myriam Lefkowitz and Géraldine Longueville – moderated by Elke Van Campenhout
• ritual touch is in the air > Robert Steijn
• questions

<— break —>

16:45 > 20:00

• performance Oxumaré / Quetzalcoatl / Satan / Eva > Robert Steijn
• talk Beyond property, taking a free license to ritual acculturation > Elke Van Campenhout
• talk Re-Membering the Spi-Ritual Function of Art > Kendell Geers
• questions
• silent meditation > The Monastery
• talk folktranceparty theory > Simon Mayer, Manuel Wagner & Coupé Décalé
• talk tao and undancing dance > Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker & Wannes Ghyselinck (18:30) 
• showing folktranceparty practice > Simon Mayer, Manuel Wagner, Annegret Schalke & Coupé Décalé (19:00) 

Invited artists: Dolores Bouckaert | Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker | Kendell Geers | Valentine Kempynck | Myriam Lefkowitz & Geraldine Longueville | Dounia Mahammed & Jan-Baptist Van Damme | Simon Mayer, Manuel Wagner, Annegret Schalke & Coupé Décalé | Robert Steijn | Elke Van Campenhout | The Monastery