Matinee Kadee

Swing kids (0-12 years)

Swing kids (0-12 years)
Swing kids (0-12 years)


Afternoons for the whole family!
A workshop for your children, a show for you.

On five Sunday afternoons, we are organizing exciting workshops for children aged 4-12. The very youngest kids (0>4) can play at the crèche, while you can relax and enjoy a show.

For the kids:
Children can take their first tentative steps into the world of dance. Tempo, improvisation, agility, and body control are the central focus of this swinging workshop.

For the parents :
Meg Stuart/Damaged Goods – Built To Last

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Meg Stuart / Damaged Goods

Built to Last


Built to Last
Built to Last
Sat 19.01 - Sun 20.01.19

Five performers travel through the history of dance – and possibly into its future. Is it possible, today, to still believe in eternal values and universality? Things are built up only to fall down again, in much the same way that we long to constantly rediscover ourselves. In Built to Last (2012), Meg Stuart worked for the first time with existing classical music.