Superamas [AT/FR/BE]



28.11 – 29.11.2014

Good sex life means good life

Facing new challenges in various fields such as economics, politics, technology, commercial business, sex, dance and theatre,  SUPERAMAS turns itself into SUPERAMAX.

SUPERAMAX is a small enterprise generating substantial profits in various businesses. It is an outstanding start-up due to its courageous decisions in R&D.

SUPERAMAX cares about animal rights and well-being, but SUPERAMAX mostly cares for people.

SUPERAMAX strives to merge with Cindy Gallop's website '' because "good sex life means good life".

SUPERAMAX's creative workers cooperate closely to produce high-end products at affordable prices for the public at large. They belong to the "young entrepreneurs", the inventors of "alternative" capitalism based on manufacturing individualised products and rendering modular and flexible services.

SUPERAMAX is a sweet-sour comedy.

Through a mix of humor and glamour, the Superamas performer collective shares their views on our high speed society. In their often ironic performances - remember „THEATRE”, Youdream, Empire (Art & Politics) or the BIG-trilogy - they combine theatre and dance with elements from the media and entertainment, art and politics, and play a clever game with the viewer’s fantasies and desires.


Dianne Weller & Julie Pfleiderer, For Your Ears Only
19 & 20/02/2015 Beursschouwburg
As part of the festive programme celebrating their 50th anniversary, the Beursschouwburg is presenting For Your Ears Only, a radiophonic performance by Dianne Weller & Julie Pfleiderer, based on a review of a fictional theatre show by Superamas.




Concept, performance, sound & light design SUPERAMAS | Costumes Sofie Durnez | Co-production Maison de la Culture Amiens, Tanzquartier (Vienna), Vooruit (Gent), Kaaitheater (Brussel), Teatergarasjen Bergen, Kanuti Gildi Saal (Tallinn) | Support City of Vienna, Direction Régionale des Affaires Culturelles de Picardie, Ministère de la Culture et de la Communication, The Flemish Community, the European Union, apap-advanced performing art project, House on Fire, Institut Francais | In collaboration with Buda art centre (Kortrijk), Szene Salzburg, Tanzfabrik (Berlin)

A House on Fire co-production; with the support of the Culture Programme of the European Union