Student Repertoire B

Student Repertoire B
Student Repertoire B


Twenty-two students from 14 countries are coming to the end of their four-year course at PARTS, the Brussels dance school headed by Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker. They round off their studies with different programmes. In Student repertoire, the students draw on a wealth of personal work created earlier. 

choreography: Ben Van Buren | performance: Jason Respilieux, Thomas Vantuycom, Bryana Fritz

Swimming room
choreography and performance:  Hagar Tenebaum | thanks to Bojana Cvejić, Bryana Fritz & Christoffer Schieche | duration: 12'

choreography: Taha Ghauri| performance: Taha Ghauri, Balazs Busa, Andras Deri, Erik Eriksson, Thomas Vantuycom, James McGinn