Pere Faura [ES]




Dance and eroticism

‘The world in which we live is complex, unstable and serious – what it needs is modern art that is ironic, to help it laugh a little at itself.’ Humour is a central aspect of Pere Faura’s passionate attempt to come into direct contact with the audience, even if it is only to demonstrate the limits of this enterprise. He teasingly fuses complex concepts with the coarsest nonsense.

After studying on the Master of Choreography programme at the Amsterdam School of the Arts, this Catalan dancer and choreographer worked with choreographers like Jérôme Bel and Ivana Müller before starting to undress in front of audiences across the world during solo choreographic performances. His fascination for the mechanisms of arousal and the relationship between dance and eroticism is the basis of the twofold programme that Faura will be presenting during WoWmen.

In Striptease, the title is the motto: Faura compares the art of stripping with theatre. The performance deals with the gaze and being gazed at, the role of the performer and the expectations of the audience, which decides in the end whether the body is a sex object or an object of artistic experience. Demi Moore, naturally, has to feature.

concept and direction Pere Faura | performers Pere Faura, Demi Moore | video Pere Faura | music Carlos Jobim, Annie Lenox, mixed by Ivo Bol | lights Paul Schimmel, Pere Faura | technique Israel Quintero | text excerpted from Undressing the First Amendment and Corestting the Striptease Dancer by Judith Lynne Hanna ; Striptease. The Art of Spectacle and Transgression by Dahlia Schweitzer ; Narrative Striptease in the Nightclub Era by Ben Urish | dramaturgical advice Jeroen Fabius | a production of Frascati (Amsterdam)