Mart Kangro [Tallinn]

Start. Based on a true story

Start. Based on a true story
Start. Based on a true story


Prize-winning solo by Estonian performer

As part of Performatik 2 we shall for the first time be presenting a solo by the Estonian performer Mart Kangro. He graduated from the Tallinn Pedagogical University in 1996 and then danced in the Estonian National Opera ballet company for several years, where he also did his first choreographic work. Since then Kangro has collaborated with Xavier Le Roy, Susanne Berggren, Christina Ciupke and Thomas Lehmen.

Start. Based on a true story is his first solo. It opened in Tallinn in 2001 and is a reflection of his views on the use of his body. The performance is a melting pot of games, dance experiments, textual material and things Kangro has experienced himself. It has been shown in almost all Europe’s major cities and in 2002 won the Solo Genese competition at the Lignes de Corps festival in Valenciennes.

par Mart Kangro
musique Paolo Conte
coproduction 2.tants & Von Krahl Theatre
soutien Cultural Endowment of Estonia