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Spoken Walks + Ramadandiner

Spoken Walks + Ramadandiner
Spoken Walks + Ramadandiner


Each city is many cities. Every inhabitant of a large city creates a domain of his own in which he lives, with his own markers and codes. Those with children see the city completely differently from those with none. A young person sees it differently from an old person. A woman differently from a man. And so on. It is these personal paths that Spoken Walks focuses on. Inhabitants of Molenbeek, some familiar and others less so, will take you around their borough and tell you about how they live there, the possibilities Molenbeek offers them, and its sticking points, and about their history in their Molenbeek. These walks take place in the middle of Ramadan and also at the busiest time of day. This is Molenbeek as many have never seen it before.

All the walks start at the Church of St John the Baptist at 6 pm and arrive about two hours later at CC Maritime where we are offering all the participants a Ramadan dinner, prepared by Les Uns et les Autres, Foyer and Vaartkapoen.

Guides in French: Ben Hamidou (actor), Younes Jbari (Huis van Culturen/Maison des Cultures), Moustapha Zoufri (Huis van Culturen/Maison des Cultures), Malika Saissi, Noëlle De Smet, Yeter Yesilgöz (Foyer)

Guides in Dutch: Luc Mishalle (musician), Wim Embrechts (ART2WORK), Lieven Soete, Daniël Aliët (priest), An Van Damme (Jeugd en Stad), Mark Rooman (De Vk*)

Simultaneous translations in English on demand.