SPINoff: Time at work

SPINoff: Time at work
SPINoff: Time at work

05.12 – 09.12.2016

For five days, SPIN and FoAM will be occupying the Kaaistudio's with a temporary co-workingspace. If you are looking for a place to continue your daily work in a collective environment, we hope you can join them for a few hours or the full five days of co-working, sharing and experimenting. You can use the space to work on your own projects, as well as take some time to be inspired and influenced by guests and other co-workers. The focus of the entire week will be TIME.

The aim is to not only discuss time-related issues and practices, but also look for ways to let the ‘theory’ influence and alter our very real working practices.

We approach this week through the open space principles:
Whoever comes are the right people
Whatever happens is the only thing that could've happened
When it starts is the right time
When it's over, it's over.

5/12 – Mala Kline talks about the potentiality of time through dreaming practices
6/12 – Juliana Castro explores the length of time during walk  to the trees of St. Gilles
7/12 – Pierre-Aleksandre Klein provokes you into thinking about pro-active and re-active time
8/12 – Katia Vanhemelryck, master of ceremony and undertaker & surprise guests
9/12 – informal apéro to close the week together and question our experiences

a SPIN project, developed by Hans Bryssinck, Antoine Defoort, Mathilde Maillard, Ingrid Vranken support De Vlaamse Gemeenschapscommissie