Abattoir Fermé [Mechelen]

Snuff (Index 1)

Snuff (Index 1)
Snuff (Index 1)

23.04 – 25.04.2009

Over the last few years, the Mechelen collective Abattoir Fermé has built up a strong repertoire that swings between dream, hallucination and nightmare. Snuff (Index 1) is the company’s first production for the large stage. It premieres at the Kaaitheater.

Snuff (Index 1) is the first performance in a new series by Abattoir Fermé and will very probably be followed by State of Waste/Farce (Index 2) and I Am Become Death/Ah Pook (Index 3).

The company’s aim in its Index trilogy is to catalogue the elements with which it created its theatrical and filmic worlds in such previous productions as Tourniquet and Mythobarbital. To compile an index that orders, analyses and distils the Abattoir world. To try to give shape to the dream of an old, a new and a utopian world.

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This is all I can remember
Certainly not all of it
Fragments of a scattered memory
We have to go back
Back in time


a performance by Chiel van Berkel, Tine Van den Wyngaert, Ruth Becquart, Kreng, Sven Van Kuijk, Stef Lernous, Leo de Nijs | production Abattoir Fermé | co-production Kaaitheater, kc nOna (Mechelen), CAMPO (Ghent) a.o.