Stijn Demeulenaere [BE]



Climate change has become a hot topic in recent years. Changes in communications regarding global warming inspired Stijn Demeulenaere to create a sound installation entitled Smalltalk.

Eight glasses on a table. Above each one hangs a small microphone. Through the glasses we hear the sampled words of politicians, scientists, activists and celebrities on the topic of climate change. We recognise Arnold Schwarzenegger, Al Gore, an advertising spot and others. Their voices gradually fuse into one.

At this Smalltalk cocktail party, generalities and sincere commitment merge with complicated statistics and cheap comments. How much of the publicity regarding climate change has actually led to action and how often did it go no further than words, some spoken over a glass of wine?

Performance on 23/11 at 8 PM and on 25/11 at 8.15 PM

Monday 23/11 – OPENING NIGHT - Kaaitheater 20:00
  1. Performance SmallTalk (Stijn Demeulenaere)
  2. Opening Burning Ice#2 by Jørgen Molde, ambassador of Danmark in Belgium
  3. Opening photo exhibition Collectif Argos, Avec les Réfugiés Climatiques by Bruno De Lille, College Member of the Flemish Community Commission in charge of Culture
  4. Terra Reversa