Toneelhuis/Bart Meuleman [BE]



23.01 – 24.01.2015

The depths of erotic fantasy

Author and director Bart Meuleman briefly switches from large-scale to small-scale work: following the previous large-scale performances of Marguerite Duras’ Ten-Thirty on a Summer Night and Hugo Claus’ Wonder, he once again zooms in on just one figure on stage, in the same way as he did in the magical The Man in the Mist.

Seated in her high chair, a girl reads aloud the thoughts and desires of the man who is spying on her. She talks, provokes, entices, wards off and consoles. Will he go away or come to her after all?

• Six years after The Bult and the Beautiful, in Sirene director Bart Meuleman once again creates a performance that probes the depths of erotic fantasy. A short philosophical journey in which the voice plays the leading part, a voice that speaks and sings in turn, but always transports us.

regie & tekstbewerking Bart Meuleman | spel & zang Fien Maris | geluidsontwerp Senjan Jansen | lichtontwerp Mark Van Denesse | percussie Mattijs Vanderleen | productie Toneelhuis (Antwerpen)