Árpád Schilling

Schilling on his Krizis-trilogia

Schilling on his Krizis-trilogia
Schilling on his Krizis-trilogia


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At the height of his success, director Árpád Schilling took the radical
decision to turn his back on it all and retire to the country. Rather
than continue to adapt the classics with his theatre company Krétakör,
he chose to investigate the meaning art can have in other social
contexts. Away from fame. He worked with children and teenagers in
villages where conservative prejudices are still firmly rooted. The
experience has been conveyed in his Krízis-trilógia, the last part of which, A papnő (The Priestess),
is being performed at the Kunstenfestivaldesarts. The festival is also
inviting Schilling to give a one-off talk, putting his trilogy into
context along with the relationship between the social and the artistic
that exists throughout his work. It will be about the choices made and
the theatre’s political dimension in the troubled context of Hungary
today. It presents a unique opportunity to meet an impassioned artist.