Xavier Le Roy [FR]

Sans Titre

Sans Titre
Sans Titre

24.03 – 25.03.2015

Strange situations

Sans titre is a three-pronged performance: lecture, concert and dance performance. It changes the (social or aesthetic) rules of the game and observes how slowly a new equilibrium emerges. In so doing Xavier Le Roy develops a theme that fascinates him: that we need rules, but equally we need to change them. In Sans titre he experiments with various kinds of theatre, but over and again he changes elements that are necessary for the normal development of the show. As a result audiences and actors have to negotiate with each other about how they relate to these strange situations. What happens when the lecture no longer has a text? When the music becomes mute? When the dancers stop moving?

• The French choreographer Xavier Le Roy is, together with Jérôme Bel, one of the great names of so-called ‘conceptual dance’. He has been a guest in Kaaitheater with productions such as Self Unfinished (1998), Product of Circumstances (1999), Giszelle (2001, in collaboration with Eszter Salamon), Le Sacre du Printemps (2007) and Low Pieces (2012).



"Mon objectif est de créer des situations dans lesquelles les échanges et relations habituelles de cette assemblée (spectateurs et acteurs) ne vont plus de soi et doivent ainsi être renégociées."
Read an interview with Xavier Leroy on Sans titre (in French).

Concept & performance Xavier Le Roy | puppets created by Coco Petitpierre  | Organisation Vincent Cavaroc & Fanny Herserant - Illusion & Macadam  | Production Le Kwatt  | Co-production Théâtre de la Cité Internationale (Paris), Festival d'Automne à Paris 2014, PACT Zollverein (Essen), Kaaitheater, Festival Theaterformen (Hannover)