Salon: Performance Art & Art Fairs


Enjoy compelling conversations with performing artists, curators and academics in a relaxed atmosphere. More names will be added to the salons, keep an eye on the website!

A discussion on performance art and art fairs with Ellen de Bruijne, Liv Vaisberg, Julie Vandenbroucke, and Sarah & Charles. Moderated by Emmanuel Lambion.

Liv Vaisberg is an experienced arts professional who has worn many hats. She combines solid expertise as a cultural entrepreneur and international art fair director with an extensive network including: artists, curators, dealers, institutional leaders and collectors. She is able to create and implement or enhance art projects and advise on private and public collections. She is co-founder of A Performance Affair, a new platform for performance art. Set up as a non-for-profit organisation, APA is an evolving structure that brings together artists, galleries, collectors and institutions to research and discuss current tendencies in performance art and the economic structures around it. A Performance Affair is not another art fair, but a flexible stage aimed at stimulating the acquisition of performance while finding solutions for its development and sustainability. 

• Julie Vandenbroucke is co-founder of Arteconomy, which originated from the long-term collaboration of Constructies Espeel with artists. Their aim is to make connections between art, creative industries, science, technology, economy and education. This should lead to  the creation of new ideas, new products, new services and a different view on corporate culture.

• Collaborating since 2004, Belgian artists Sarah & Charles draw inspiration from the world of entertainment and more specifically, its invisible structures. Subjects and genres such as make-believe, simulacrum, the story within the story, cinematic experience, the suspension of disbelief and music are playfully and thoughtfully reviewed in their research and practice. They produce architectural interventions and stage designs combining video, photography, sculpture and installation techniques that communicate both artists’ interests.

• To define himself, Emmanuel Lambion (°1968, based in Brussels) usually resorts to the generic English vocable of "Art worker", which renders an idea of the variety of activities pursued as curator of exhibitions, critic and conceptor/producer of projects in the public space. After having been Head of Exhibitions of the Botanique in Brussels he joined the curatorial platform Komplot, active since 2002, both in Belgium and abroad.