Emke Idema [NL]



29.10 – 30.10.2015

Due to personal reasons, these performances have been cancelled.

When would you let a strange man into your home?

In RULETMthe young Dutch theatre-maker Emke Idema puts a personal slant on the major political issues. She confronts the audience very directly with social issues such as migration and illegality and pushes personal boundaries. When would you let a strange man into your home? What do you do if your friends break the house rules when staying with you? And how do you behave if you are responsible for deporting a family?

As a viewer you participate in this theatrical game-without-actors. You are presented with dilemmas and hypotheses on which you literally have to take a stand. Do you feel the group pressure of the majority or, as an individual, do you dare to question the rules? Do you belong to the majority or find yourself in a minority group? Do you play the game in an idealistic, compliant, strategic or pragmatic way? Or does your ‘gut feeling’ count in the end?

Play along in this miniature society and help create the rules and boundaries of RULETMaccording to your own ideals.

• The theatre works of Emke Idema (1980) are social, political and philosophical laboratories around patterns and behaviour in our society. In collaboration with playwright Nienke Scholts and designer Joris van Oosterwijk, she creates a platform on which the audience can engage. RULE™ is the second in a series of performative games.

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concept & uitvoering Emke Idema | zakelijke leiding Kathleen Treier | Dramaturgie Nienke Scholts | scenografie Joris van Oosterwijk | artistieke coaching Dirk Verstockt | productieleider Nadin Topal/José Schuringa | productie Stichting STRANGER, Frascati Producties, Grand Theatre Groningen | mede mogelijk gemaakt door DasArts, Stichting Dioraphte, Amsterdam Fonds voor de Kunst, Fonds Podiumkunsten, SNS REAAL Fonds, Stichting DOEN, VSB-Fonds

A House on Fire co-production; with the support of the Culture Programme of the European Union