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Romeinse Tragedies Part 1 & 2

Romeinse Tragedies Part 1 & 2
Romeinse Tragedies Part 1 & 2

15.09 – 16.09.2007

The Roman tragedies – Coriolanus, Julius Caesar and Antony & Cleopatra – are William Shakespeare’s most political plays. Unlike his history plays they are not about the desire for power, but the mechanisms of politics and the social context. With no partiality, Shakespeare describes the cause and effect of political structures in a changing society. Three times he shows the success and failure of a politician, looking at their ideals but also at the personal motives that drive them.

Ivo van Hove directs them in two parts spread over two evenings, and in a marathon version lasting six hours. The audience finds itself in the middle of the political arena, where the play is performed nonstop. One can go in and out at will, change places and when one feels like it take a break in a meeting place on the stage, where drinks and snacks are also available. The performance is also shown live on monitors at various places in the theatre. The audience itself chooses where it wants to be and which situation it wants to focus on.

text William Shakespeare
direction Ivo van Hove
translation Tom Kleijn
dramaturgy Bart van den Eynde, Jan Peter Gerrits, Alexander Schreuder
set Jan Versweyveld
costume design Lies van Assche
composition Eric Sleichim
video Trish Fox, Tal Yarden
with Barry Atsma, Jacob Derwig, Renée Fokker, Fred Goessens, Janni Goslinga, Marieke Heebink, Fedja van Huêt, Hans Kesting, Hugo Koolschijn, Hadewych Minis, Chris Nietvelt, Frieda Pittoors, Alwin Pulinckx, Eelco Smits, Karina Smulders
music BL!NDMAN
in association with Holland Festival, De Munt | La Monnaie, Kaaitheater, Muziektheater Transparant, BL!NDMAN



À l’occasion de Romeinse Tragedies, le musée du cinéma propose en septembre une série d’adaptations cinématographiques de Shakespeare. Visitez le site.

Programme: The angelic conversation, Derek Jarman (1985), A double life, George Cukor (1947), Forbidden planet, Fred M.Wilcox (1956), Hamlet, Laurence Olivier (1948), Julius Caesar, Joseph L.Mankiewicz (1953), King Lear, Jean-Luc Godard (1987), Kumonosu-djo, Akira Kurosawa (1957), Looking for Richard, Al Pacino (1996), Othello, Dimitri Buchowetzki (1922), Othello, Stuart Burge (1965), Richard III, Richard Loncraine (1995), Richard III, Laurence Olivier (1955), Romeo + Juliet, Baz Luhrmann (1995), Rosencrantz and guilderstern are dead, Tom Stoppard (1990), etc.