MaisonDahlBonnema + Maarten Seghers & The Horrible Facts [NL/BE + BE]

Rhythm Conference + WHAT DO YOU MEAN

Rhythm Conference + WHAT DO YOU MEAN
Rhythm Conference + WHAT DO YOU MEAN


An epidemic of things

In their Opera Trilogy, Hans Petter Dahl and Anna Sophia Bonnema had us follow the stories of mythical loving couple Ricky and Ronny over a period of three seasons. In their new project, they opt decisively for a new direction, away from anthropocentrism, roles and characters. It is a study of rhythm and expression, a journey in which a live drummer fires up three performers. 

In Rhythm Conference Feat. Inner Splits, a celebration of life results in an enumeration that cuts right through everything, in the realisation we have to take our leave. This is an attempt to respond to the feeling that there are always more and more things. That we are living in an age when there is ‘an epidemic of things’ (to paraphrase Tristan Garcia).

• Since 1999, Hans Petter Dahl and Anna Sophia Bonnema have played an important role in the productions of Jan Lauwers & Needcompany. As an artistic duo they are constantly redefining themselves: from Love & Orgasm through L&O Amsterdam and MaisonDahlBonnema to MaisonDahlBonnema. For their new project they are working together with the Swiss musician and artist Nicolas Field and the Swiss actress Catherine Travelletti.

Maarten Seghers & The Horrible Facts
The world as a hilarious party

Tough Shit is not lame or blind but there is a plank stuck to his face. That’s Bad Luck. That is his fate. Helpless and clumsy he continues on his bungling way. But when he crawls onto the stage, his world turns out to be a hilarious party. With an exuberant optimism he sings about the art of living. In all its failures, in all its humour. He throws himself into a profusion of rhythm, doggerel and emotions.

Maarten Seghers smartly exposes art practice in an everlasting pop song, a sculptural dance, a stand-up comedy show, a performance.  This feast of feelings contains a human life full of love and tragedy.

• Maarten Seghers is an artist, performer, composer and musician who has been associated with Needcompany since 2001. In 2006, together with Jan Lauwers and Elke Janssens, he founded OHNO COOPERATION, a Needcompany ‘subgroup’. 

MaisonDahlBonnema: concept Anna Sophia Bonnema & Hans Petter Dahl | text Anna Sophia Bonnema | music Hans Petter Dahl, Nicolas Field | performers Anna Sophia Bonnema, Hans Petter Dahl, Nicolas Field, Catherine Travelletti | costumes Johanne Riss | hats and set Lot Lemm | light Marjolein Demey | sound Pierrick Drochmans | assistance & surtitles Eva Blaute | production management Chris Vanneste  | production MaisonDahlBonnema & Needcompany & M-A-P | co-production BIT Teatergarasjen (Bergen) | residency PACT Zollverein (Essen)  | support the Flemish authorities and Norsk kulturråd

Maarten Seghers & The Horrible Facts: a creation by Maarten Seghers | light, technical manager Marjolein Demey | production manager Chris Vanneste | assistant to the director, dramaturgy Elke Janssens | production Needcompany | commissioned by FIDENA 2014 (Bochum) | support the Flemish authorities