02.10 – 05.10.2013

Life as it is

On stage we see a lifelike reconstruction of the sort of newspaper shop we find in almost every station, high street and airport. Everything is neatly arranged on the shelves. Throughout the performance customers heedlessly come and go without any fuss. Behind the cash register the shopkeeper routinely rings up the sales. A hilarious insight into life as it is in a newspaper kiosk. However, at the end things Tristero surprises us with a dramatic twist, putting everything in a harsh light.

• The Tristero theatre collective from Brussels presents intelligent and generally comical performances with a sharp edge: pointed comedies and intriguing, well-made plays, their own adaptations of prose, atmospheric movement theatre or a mixture of everything. Tristero is an associated artist at Kaaitheater.

‘The acting is understated in the way only Tristero knows how. And in a way that is also very true to life. It’s amazing how entertaining this can be. These actors can elicit laughter simply by turning up a corner of their mouth.’ ****  De Standaard

‘As always, Tristero has developed a clever idea very nicely, only to inflict a deathblow, and this is fun to watch.’ **** De Morgen

‘This Reset by Tristero is a seemingly innocent descent into the familiar world of triviality, but it surprises us with a cold catharsis at the end.’ -

with Kristien De Proost, Youri Dirkx & Peter Vandenbempt | scenography Marie Szersnovicz | construction set Koen Raes | costumes Lies Van Assche, assisted by Hanne Vandersteen | lights Harry Cole | technique Jitske Vandenbussche | text Tristero & Peter Van Uhm | production Tristero & Kaaitheater | special thanks to Relay/Press Shop, Thierno Barry, Eddy Lauwers, thanks to Paul Bogaert, Hans Meijer, Coca-cola, Sanoma, De Persgroep, Roularta