Tristero [BE]



25.01 – 28.01.2012

In The Search Project, Tristero appeared on stage with no fewer than thirteen actors; in Reset the company goes back to the essence. Kristien De Proost, Youri Dirkx and Peter Vandenbempt take on the task of giving the company a ‘reboot’. The ideal moment to (re)discover Tristero!

Reset starts out from the notion that our ability to rebel is paralysed by the immeasurable world in which everything is interrelated.

Everything is in order.

The shelves are full.
The light is soft.
The music inconspicuous.

The blonde buys a diet coke.
The thick one a packet of chips.
The little one a bag of candy.

Everything is in balance.

Above the exit hangs a sign that says 'EXIT'.

Everything is in order.

(What are we waiting for?)

van en met/de et avec Kristien De Proost, Youri Dirkx, Peter Vandenbempt | scenografie/scénographie Marie Szersnovicz |
constructie decor / construction décor Koen Raes  | kostuums/costumes Lies Van Assche, geassisteerd door/assistée par Hanne Vandersteen | licht/lumières Harry Cole | techniek/technique Peter Fol (Kaaitheater), Elmar Neudam, Chris Segers (Kaaitheater) | tekst/texte Tristero & Peter Van Uhm | productie/production Tristero & Kaaitheater | speciale dank aan/remerciements particuliers à Eddy Lauwers, Tierno Barry, Relay / Press Shop | met dank aan/ remerciements à Paul Bogaert, Hans Meijer, Coca-cola, Sanoma, De Persgroep, Roularta