Noé Soulier [FR]




Sensual entanglement

Noé Soulier creates dance about dance. That’s more exciting than it sounds. In 2011 we presented his Ideography, a ‘choreography of ideas’. In 2014 he was a guest with Movement on Movement, based on William Forsythe’s ‘non-danced movements’ from short films in which he shows how he creates dance movements. Soulier’s new production, Removing – the title says it all – reproduces everyday actions, at least partially.

‘If you look at a person’s movements’ says Soulier, ‘it can affect you kinaesthetically. This is what I want to explore. We will depart from movements that have a practical purpose, for example hitting, dodging something, touching something. This is a language of movement that the dancers share with the audience, and that stimulates the kinaesthesia; but we will start these movements without completing them, so the spectator is kept guessing. Another source of inspiration is Brazilian jujitsu, though the movements do not evoke the struggle but a very precise, sensual entanglement of the dancers’ bodies.

• Noé Soulier studied dance (at PARTS in Brussels and elsewhere) and philosophy (Sorbonne, Paris). He examines how we look at and deal with movement, and does so in choreographies and performances, installations and essays.


concept & choreography Noé Soulier | dancers Jose Paulo Dos Santos, Yumiko Funaya, Anna Massoni, Norbert Pape, Nans Pierson & Noé Soulier | sound Eric La Casa | production & administration Alma Office - Anne-Lise Gobin, Alix Sarrade & Pierre Reis | delegate producer ND Productions | co-production LE CND, centre d’art pour la danse – Pantin, Festival d’Automne à Paris, Maison de la danse – Lyon, TAP – Poitiers, Musée de la danse – Rennes, Centre de Développement Chorégraphique Toulouse, PACT Zollverein – Essen, Kaaitheater – Brussels | support DRAC Ile-de-France. Noé Soulier is artist in residence at CND until 2017