Dolores Hulan




Dolores Hulan works around the idea of layering and constructing scenes that ceaselessly aim to give a new definition and turn to events at any given moment.

The work constructs and deploys itself through the multi layering of its various elements - movement, costume, sound and light – which eventually all share the same weight in the work. Thus the interest lies in investigating in each of the elements separately, aswell as ultimately using the principle of layering also in the construction of the piece itself, playing with their interaction and interconnection.

Two video loops - "RE-COVERED" - will be presented, followed by a performance wherein the performer slips in and out of various identities. Costumes and spoken and recorded texts fictionalise the performer, making absurdly fictional claims about them, continuously redefining them as a construct of the audience's imagination.

This showing is part of Working Title Platform#4.

concept & performance Dolores Hulan | costumes Eugénie Poste | dramaturgical advice Jerry Killick | coproduction workspacebrussels | supported by Pianofabriek kunstenwerkplaats, P.A.R.T.S. Summer Studios, PACT Zollverein(Essen), Zsenne vzw | thanks to Aleksandra Janeva, Michaël Janssens and Gaëtan Bulourde