Dries Gijsels



05.09 – 06.09.2020

“And time is just memory mixed with desire” - Tom Waits

In Realtime we follow a theatre director trying to create a show about time. But the past is out of reach and the future just won't seem to start. Whilst the audience gets older and older, the premiere is rapidly getting closer.

How long does the present last and where does it go when it's over? Do we still ever truly experience empty time? Or have we become too distracted by permanent stimuli? Shouldn't technological progress mean we now have more time than ever?

Dries Gijsels and his crew create a restless and intriguing universe of soothsayers and ex-lovers, of delays and deadlines, of too much coffee and too little sleep. In a race against the clock, they try to find a new time zone where our attention is not fragmented and time can have a rest.

concept en regie Dries Gijsels | van en met Cédric Coomans, Eline Kuppens, Femke Stallaert & Greg Timmermans | dramaturgie Bart Capelle | kostuums Anne-Cathérine Kunz | assistentie regie Marie Pien | uitvoering decor Bert Van Dijck | techniek Bert Van Dijck, Hanne Dick & Milan De Wael | coproductie Kultuurfaktorij Monty & C-takt | spreiding Thassos | residenties K.A.K., Arsenaal/Lazarus, Kunstenwerkplaats Pianofabriek & De Nwe Tijd | met dank aan Juul Dekker, Suzanne Grotenhuis, Jonas Devuyst, Wim Gijsels, Matthias Hellemans & Tim Kluppels | met de steun van de Vlaamse Gemeenschap & de Vlaamse Gemeenschapscommissie | beeld uit de reeks Red Ink © 2018 Max Pinckers