PONI [Brussels]

Pnlt + eay = Penalty (try-out)

Pnlt + eay = Penalty (try-out)
Pnlt + eay = Penalty (try-out)


The shooter, the ball

The international PONI collective is based in Brussels and is able to turn its hand to anything.

Project 1 (2004) was a theatrical concert in which a punk band was ‘deconstructed’. In their second project, Soma Sema (2006), they targeted the theatre. Project 3 is temporarily on hold due to a lack of funds. Consequently PONI immediately moves on to another project in which they attack dance under the enigmatic title Pnlt + eay = Penalty. The production is set up on a budget of 0.0 euro. You will be watching a try-out.

PONI starts out from very concrete elements: a penalty kick in football, the shooter, the ball, the goalie and the net. They are also inspired by each other and the world around them as well as by science fiction, ritual and science.

concept* by Poni 
made & performed by PONI & Guests 
production In Utero Productions VZW 
co-production Recyclart, Brussels 

*the material of this experiment is generated during the working process of PP2 but will be further developed.