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Pneuma a 25th birthday concert



« We have 25 candles to blow out at Kaaitheater in Brussels, so we’re blowing strong! We will sing our love for breath and the winds in an unedited, brand new version of Michael Schmid’s BreathCore: pneumatic choir, a respiration’s polyphony... – and with electronic artist Raphaël Henard as a special guest. Sylvie Mélis (who worked with Rodrigo García, Luis Garay and Maud Le Pladec, among others), will compose a creation of light. » – ICTUS.

• The Brussels-based contemporary music ensemble Ictus has been a regular guest at Kaaitheater for many years. This year, the ensemble is celebrating its 25th anniversary. Michael Schmid presented Breathcore at the Kaaistudios in 2017, during IN/FINITY.


25 years of Ictus: 'We are contemporary classical nephews of free jazz, noise, and rock' - an interview on Bruzz

a production by ICTUS WITH Raphaël Hénard (electronics) & Sylvie Mélis (light scenography) | curated by Michael Schmid, with and for Ictus | Miquel Bernat (perc, breath), Tom De Cock (perc, breath), François Deppe (cello, filters, breath), Aurélie Entringer (viola, breath), Alexandre Fostier (sound), Hanna Kölbel (cello, breath), Nicolas Marc (light assistant), Quentin Meurisse (computer assistant), Sara Mendez (saxophone, breath), Gerrit Nulens (perc, breath), Georges-Elie Octors (breath), Jean-Luc Plouvier (filters, breath), Eva Reiter (gamba, paetzold, voice, breath), Michael Schmid (flute, breath, stuff), George van Dam (violin, breath), Wilfried Van Dyck (technical direction).
Programme notes at www.ictus.be/25

programmaboekje - programme de salle - evening programme

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Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker/Rosas & Ictus

Rain (live)

dance music

Rain (live)
Rain (live)
De Munt/La Monnaie
Fri 15.05 - Wed 20.05.20

Rain (2001) is one of Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker’s most characteristic performances, set to Steve Reich’s Music for 18 Musicians. Seven women and three men allow themselves to be propelled by an unstoppable joined energy. They are connected by a lively network of breathing and speed, as well as the special comradery that forms when you are beyond fatigue. In 2016, Rain was reprised with a new cast, premièring at the Royal Circus.

Encyclopédie de la parole

Suite n° 4

theatre music

Suite n° 4
Suite n° 4
Tue 19.05 - Sun 24.05.20

Please note: this show has been cancelled to help contain the spread of the new coronavirus. 

In the first part of Suite n° 4, recognizable and anonymous voices overlap as though they were coming from different acoustic spaces. In the second part, the voices are accompanied by eight musicians from Ictus. The Encyclopédie de la parole collective presents a performance about absence, like an opera without singers or a theatre without actors. For 150 minutes, you hear a thousand concrete situations in more than 30 languages.