Salva Sanchis

Phantom Layer revisited

Phantom Layer revisited
Phantom Layer revisited


Salva Sanchis is a Brussels based choreographer with a strong sense for complex movement patterns. After graduating among the first generation of P.A.R.T.S., he developed a career as performer and choreographer. During Working Title Situation #02 Salva Sanchis revisits his group piece The Phantom Layer in the shape of a small-scale installation. Time and the body are mirrored by video projections. This way, Sanchis doesn't separate the realms of virtual past and the physical presence, but joins them in one choreography, where both dimensions constantly redefine one another. This physical essay explores the traces we leave behind and the infinite possibilities they generate.

Choreography: Salva Sanchis
Created & performed by: Stanislav Dobak, Manon Santkin, Peter Savel
Video: Pablo Castilla
Production: Kunst/Werk (Antwerp)
Co-production: Stuk (Leuven)
Thanks to: Kaaitheater (Brussels)