Abattoir Fermé [BE]

Phantasmapolis - all the colors of the dark

Phantasmapolis - all the colors of the dark
Phantasmapolis - all the colors of the dark

04.02 – 06.02.2011

Desires and obsessions

Five people are bound together by an atrocity. They wander about in their inner darkness. Welcome to Phantasmapolis! With this new creation the Mechelen theatre company Abattoir Fermé present part two of their Index trilogy, the sequel to Snuff. The trilogy brings together elements of the theatre idiom director Stef Lernous has developed with his company over the past ten years: dark and hidden fears, desires and obsessions are revealed in powerfully visual and sensual performances where iconography and symbolism are never far away.

• In Phantasmapolis, Abattoir Fermé will be using text again after a long time without. The starting point of Lernous’ working process is his fascination for outsiders and the search for the unknown. His sources of inspiration are dissident figures and dark, ‘hidden’ places.

Focus Abattoir Fermé on Friday, February 4th

On Friday, February 4th, Thomas Crombez (Antwerp University) will guide you through the oeuvre of Abattoir Fermé (talk in Dutch). Between the talk and the show we will satisfy your other appetites with soup and bread. Info & tickets >>

text, direction Stef Lernous | with Tine Van den Wyngaert, Kirsten Pieters, Ruth Becquart, Steve Geerts en Chiel van Berkel | music Kreng | lights, set Sven Van Kuijk, Stef Lernous | production Abattoir Fermé (Mechelen)