Timmy De Laet & Katleen Van Langendonck

Performance Art and Technology

Performance Art and Technology
Performance Art and Technology


Performance past and present

If you would like to learn more about performance art before you venture into the Performatik festival, you can take our four-part course entitled What is Performance Art? On the usefulness or pointlessness of the collective term ‘performance’. On performance past and present, in art and the performing arts. In each part we examine performance from a different angle, after which you will watch a performance (in a theatre or museum) that touches on the theme. On each occasion Katleen Van Langendonck, Kaaitheater’s programmer and the curator of Performatik, and a different specialist will guide you through the performance art landscape in words and images.

With Timmy De Laet (University of Antwerp, performance studies and visual poetics research group)
Fr 30/01 18:00>20:00 Kaaistudio’s
20:30: performance by Barbara Matijević & Giuseppe Chico

Timmy De Laet

Timmy De Laet is a junior researcher at the University of Antwerp and the Research Centre for Visual Poetics. Courses he teaches include "Theatre and Intermedia" and "Body Images in Performing Arts." He is currently completing his PhD, titled "Reinventing the Past. Re-enactment in Contemporary Dance and Performance Art." He also works as a part-time researcher on the FWO-funded project "The Didascalic Imagination," which examines the changing mediality of director's notebooks in contemporary postdramatic theatre.